Sunday October 8, 2017
Start: 14:00
End: 16:30

These woods are one of Cornwall Wildlife Trust's nature reserves and normally not open to the public. They are above the river Inny and just down from the village of Trebullett.

The Bat Group monitors the woods for bats and they will be checking the roosts, trying to determine numbers and species. Some of the bats will be carefully handled by licensed or trainee bat workers so there is usually an opportunity for people to see the bats in close-up and learn more about them. They are fascinating animals.

Sunday October 22, 2017
Start: 12:00
End: 16:00

Those of us who are members of the mammal group will know about this event and although it is a little out of our area(!), it is quite a special event and worth attending. Car sharing would be good if anyone can offer.

All are welcome but BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL please with Dave Groves, Contact details above.

CMG members £7 to include lunch the the year's sub.

Non-members £10 to include lunch but if you join as well, it will only cost you £7... 

Saturday October 28, 2017
Start: 09:30
End: 16:00

As we have found out this summer, we have enjoyed some beautiful days, weatherwise, just right for ambling along, noting down plant names and learning new ones but there were a few notable days that were awful and only the hardiest kept going! Ever the optimist, Ian decided to run a programme of walks this autumn (see the list on our forum) and this is one of the closest.

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