Tuesday August 14, 2018
Start: 09:30
End: 16:00


Botanical walk in the area north of Altarnun with Ian Bennallick and the Botanical Cornwall Group. All welcome but best if you have some interest in wild flowers... (Other species like birds and butterflies are recorded as well!)

We will meet just after 9:30am to leave promptly at 10am. Looking at the map, I can see some areas that look a little wet and often, that's where the interesting plants are. Might be wise to wear wellies.

Saturday August 18, 2018
Start: 10:00
End: 13:00

Can't believe it is three years and one month since we did the pond surveys at Truscott. And of course this year, with such hot and dry weather, are the ponds still watered?

Joe reports that the old pond is very low and silted but the newer pond has a good depth of water in it still. For those who did not visit last time, the pond and larger verge have a history as a drovers road and this was an area to stop and water the livestock.

Tuesday August 21, 2018
Start: 09:30
End: 16:00

The last botanical walk in our general area this summer although Ian often runs walks through into winter when it is surprising how much can be found.

But this is still August and another opportunity for people to improve their wild flower ID skills. Not sure where exactly Ian will take us but he may include part of Kit Hill (We did the other sides last year). Quite a post undustrial site with mines all around.

Always check with Ian if the weather forecast is poor and let him know if you need to leave early. 

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