Study Groups Overview

Objectives of Study Groups.

Keeping a Wildlife Diary and recording common species on a fixed survey area close to the members home is the basis for developing identification skills and knowedge of wildlife. We are providing several ways of nurturing members skills through their parish groups mostly through regular, monthly activities. We have also found that several members want to go further and develop their interests with specific species groups such as Birds, Moths, Bats, Plants, Beetles... etc and we are keen both to support member development and to build up greater knowledge about the many other species that are to be found around us.

The model we are using is to form Study Groups led by local enthusiasts. Members from any parish or other local organisation can join the study group and attend meetings fixed by each group. The website will record the activities of each group allowing the addition of records and reports for each event and presenting them for everyone to see.

We are hoping to form close reationships with County Specialist Study Groups and to use them to support and monitor the information being produced.

Topics for Study. The main subjects are chosen from interest shown by members. Within a study group, activities are chosen to develop the new skills required. See Current Study Groups in the Launceston Area Parish-Wildlife Group.