Activities of LAPWG


Close to Clitters cain, Bodmin Moor

Activities of the Group as a whole include

- quarterly recording of ca 200 species on a fixed checklist by individual members, reported in Findings

- inter parish recording within selected Study Groups

- regular Events held within the parishes involved, to to take members to areas of interest within the parishes and provide
informal training through voluntary experts. For more information about organising these events, see Monthly Activities. The last 3 events are shown below,with the species found on them.
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  • Species Seen
    Recorded; Common Pipistrelle, Soprano Pipistrelle and Whiskered/Brandt's Bat.
  • Species Seen
    Mammals: woodmouse, common shrew, rabbit, signs of badger. Bats: soprano pip, common pip, daubenton's, noctule, brown long-eared and ??brandts. Birds: nuthatch, robin, blackbird, house martin, swallow, grey wagtail, collared dove, house sparrow, goldfinch, wood pigeon, blue tit, great tit. Brown trout. Labyrinth spider. Insects: Golden-ringed dragonfly, beautiful demoiselle, a hawker dragonfly, hornet, common carder and buff-tailed bumblebees, green leafhopper. Butterflies: red admiral, silver-washed fritillary, gatekeeper, speckled wood, meadow brown, brimstone, small copper, peacock, green-veined white, large white, ringlet, purple hairstreak, comma, small white, fanfoot moth. Alder buckthorn and Broad-leaved Helleborine.
  • Species Seen
    Skylark, Willow Warbler, Cuckoo and Reed Bunting. Meadow Brown, Marsh Fritillary, Small Heath, Small Copper, Small Pearl-Bordered wing. Silver Y moth and Burnet moth cocoon. Keeled Skimmer, metallic beetle: Plateumaris discolor.