Activities of LAPWG


Close to Clitters cain, Bodmin Moor

Activities of the Group as a whole include

- quarterly recording of ca 200 species on a fixed checklist by individual members, reported in Findings

- inter parish recording within selected Study Groups

- regular Events held within the parishes involved, to to take members to areas of interest within the parishes and provide
informal training through voluntary experts. For more information about organising these events, see Monthly Activities. The last 3 events are shown below,with the species found on them.
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  • Species Seen
    Mammals: grey seal. Birds: skylark, magpie, fulmar, swallow, oyster-catcher, black-backed gull, kestrel, swift, stonechat, wheatear. Butterflies: green-veined white, common blue, painted lady, small copper, small heath, orange-tip. Moths: silver Y, speckled yellow, lackey moth caterpillar. Other insects: dock bug, millipede, soldier beetle (Cantharis rustica?), red-tailed bumble bee. Plants in flower: foxglove, greater stitchwort, gorse, buckshorn plantain, sea campion, pignut, creeping buttercup, daisy, dandelion, cut-leaved geranium, thrift, black medick (check), spotted medick, ground ivy, germander speedwell, sea cabbage, spear thistle, milkwort, spring squill, kidney vetch, alexanders, mallow, field poppy, wild carrot, primrose, early or field forget-me-not (check this), mouse-ear hawkweed, bluebell, red campion, hawthorn, ox-eye daisy, hedge bedstrw, cleavers, birdsfoot trefoil, sorrel, sheep's sorrel, prickly sow-thistle, herb robert. And there will be more!
  • Species Seen
    Mammal signs: hazel dormouse, grey squirrel, wood mouse, bank vole, field vole, roe deer, red fox, otter, badger, rabbit, mole. Birds seen: house sparrow, grey wagtail, chiffchaff, buzzard, great tit, nuthatch, sparrow hawk, wren, robin, blackbird, jackdaw, blackcap. Amphibians: common frog, toad. Insects: buff-tailed bumble bee, dark-edged bee-fly, violet oil beetle, bloody-nosed beetle; butterflies included brimstone, small tortoiseshell, peacock, comma. Plants in flower: lime tree flowering, primrose, celandine, moschatel, dog's mercury, wood anemone, ivy-leaved speedwell, blackthorn, barren strawberry, common dog-violet, marsh marigold, hairy wood rush (easter grass). Green wood-cup fungus stains.
  • Species Seen
    An incomplete list from memory included song thrush, robin, snipe, starling, signs of rabbit.