Species Found in the Tavistock area



We will benefit a lot from having the records database built into the website. Members will be able to see online what we are finding, as soon as the data is entered.

Findings - Definition

This section provides analysis of the Wildlife Diary Checklist information provided by all the members in the parish.

Summary Stats: The total number of people who have contributed to the study over the total recording period, number of diaries and species recorded, with a breakdown into quarters and species groups.

Species by Quarter Allows a comparison of the species seen within the same quarter over the years, a breakdown by species group and also provides both the numbers of people recording the species, as well as the total species recorded.

Species by Year Lists all the species seen for a given species group, for each year in the study.

Search Species Allows all sightings for a selected species to be shown

Most Common Species Shows the most common and least common species as well as those species on the checklists not seen by anyone in the parish to date for each year of the study, sortable by species group.

At suitable intervals the records willl be assessed to look for trends