The Species Checklist

The Species Checklist is a key feature of the Parish-Wildlife approach

The Species Are selected by the Wildlife Trust from the major, mobile species groups that live in or visit the survey area. These include Butterflies, Birds, Mammals including Bats, Amphibians selected insects and a few fish for those that are surveying a riverside property. Plants are not included in this list.

Information Recorded



(See Example)

Apart from the fixed information relating to the recorder - name, location, period (3 months), the only information recorded against a species on the list is
The Maximum number of the species seen at any one time in the 3 months
An indication of the nature of the record

  • The default (Seen) requires no entry
  • ? ( not 100% certain);
  • D (a dead specimen such as a road kill or cat Kill);
  • H (heard, eg a Tawny owl at night)
  • S ( a sign such as a footprint, a dropping etc)

Having to record the information, encourages the member to look up species in their own reference books. If they need further help they can:
Ring or email for help from the Parish Coordinator and even attach digital photos to emails
On the Website they can search the Library or ask a question on the Forum
As we understand the teaching needs we provide slideshows of species at indoor meetings and arrange visits to increase the knowledge of a wider range of species.