Events Diary

The Species Checklist for the Wildlife Diary is designed to be as simple as possible, so that anyone with any knowedge can contribute without taking on too much of a commitment. This means that analysis of the information is restricted to changes in the numbers of species only. The Events Diary is provided so that anything that is seen can be recorded, including interesting facts about:

  • the species on the checklist in their own survey area
  • other species seen, either in their own survey area or anywhere in the local area

(See Example)  In this case, more information is needed about the recorder, when and where they saw the event, together with a description of what was seen

The database makes provision to store more detail on the

  • The location: an accurate grid reference, sub-location, location description
  • Timing of the event:date and time
  • Details of the event: the species, a description and scope to define other search parameters, such as signs, methods used etc

Entry examples of detail: 2 female(?) Siskins feeding at bird table regularly at this time;
2 new otter spraints on large boulder mid-stream