Adding Diary Records

The Parish Wildlife Project is set up to work with people who may not have done any recording before and who may not have any interest in adding their data into a database, especially one on-line. We believe it is more important to encourage as many as possible to develop their wildlife interests than to ask them to take on IT skills.

Before this website was available, most of the information collected within the project was paper-based. An Access database was developed for adding and analysing the data. The information was entered by one person in each parish.

It is intended to continue with this approach, now that we have the online facility - one person per parish will be trained to add data for the parish. Anyone else interested in adding their own data will need to ask permission and be trained by this person and we will monitor the number of people on the project adding their own data.

Permission will always be needed to add data to the website. Once permission is given, the member will be able to select an option from his own menu in the left-hand column. Contact the Parish Analyst for information and training

Mainly, we expect such people to be regular members, keeping wildlife diaries. Options for visitors to the area to register to add data are also being considered.