What to look for Each Quarter

Knowing what to look out for.

You will find that the species you record on your own survey area will change with the time of year as the seasons unfurl. This section provides some insight on what is happening to each of the species groups in our local area in the four quarters of the year that effects the chances of seeing them, covering

  • Life cycle of species - when they give birth, hibernate, moult etc
  • Migration of species, both within the UK and between countries
  • Local movement of species outside the breeding period
  • Species that we want you to look out for and record in this period.

The information will suggest things for you to look out for when you go on a walk, helping for example to narrow down the options when see flocks of 'thrushes' in the fields in the Winter, what those eerie noises are in the middle of the night in the Autumn, etc

The information is presented by quarter and then for each species group. The quarterly information is also available to download.

  Q1 January-March Q2 April-June Q3 July-September Q4 October-December

If you want to have paper versions of these forms, downloads will be made availble directly from each document.

Observing when specific events happen during the year has an obvious link with the Parish-Wildlife scheme. Known as "Nature's Calendar" the Woodland Trust are managing a very thorough National Program collecting this type of information from volunteers. The 'What to Look For' notes cover many of these events, but we encourage our members to contribute directly to the Woodland Trust scheme.