Fossils in Launceston

Gary explains the exhibits
A small group of interested Geologists met in the Lawhitton Village Hall saturday morning, 14th June 2008 and were treated to a fascinating talk and exhibition of fossils found locally in the Launceston area over the last few years by Garry Stevens. Details of the talk to follow.

Details of the hunt:




Mary enjoying the search We only had time to visit one site in the afternoon. Success by SteveTrue to his word, Garry was able to take us to a site where we were able to find fossils.
Here are some we found

Sue''s Find 1

Found by Irene






See the pictures, below, from the exhibition

Exhibit 1Exhibit 2Exhibit 3Exhibit 4

Exhibit 5Exhibit 6Exhibit 7Exhibit 8Exhibit 9Exhibit 10

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