Help Notes

This will provide some helpful text for all members including those with management roles to interact with the site.

All aspects on interacting with the site will eventually be presented in this section

Some instructions covering the most common interactions will also be made available as downloadable documents in compact 'How To....' notes defining a single task. These could be extended on a need basis as more people interact with the site.

It is also possible to copy and paste text from the help notes into a Word (or similar) document so that instructions can be printed out to read alongside the screen. To do this, open a blank Word document; stretch out the margins all round; highlight the required text avoiding the left-hand menu blocks and copy, then paste into the Word file. Delete any unwanted text such as onscreen instructions; select all and change font to size 12. Then go to Format>Borders and shading and under the shading tab, select 'No fill'. This will remove the green background colour. 

These website help notes will be presented in small sections, structured for use by

New Members;  first time learning about the key menus and the possible ways to interact with the site
All members who want to interact with the site - detailed notes explaining how to use the interactive forms
Those with Special Roles; Group Administrators, Data Analysts and Recorders
Site Manager 
and those with Advanced Roles who help the development of the site

Notes on the  overall responsibilities involved in running the site, together with actions for improvements in key sections of the website are presented under Management Committee.

We encourage members to provide feedback through the Website Comments and Suggestions Discussion Forum [you need to log in to use this]