For members with defined Roles

Members with defined Roles, such as Group Administrators and Data Analysts of a parish or study group,  have the capability of adding and editing a wider range of data to contribute to the management of their own section of the website. [Site manager notes and Management Committee issues are defined separately].
Members can be trained to add their own data - see Recorders

These actions include

For the Group Adminstrator:[Parish Coordinators and Study Group admistrators]

Extending the content by adding sections and pages with different types of content, from text to tables and images and attaching files.

Adding Events and reports on those events

Communicating with their members by group email and editing the email requirements of individual members.

Downloading and distributing files [Help Notes, Diary Forms etc] for members not on broadband or even the internet.

For the Data Analyst:

Understanding how to add records from the Wildlife Diary Checklist, Special Events, Study Groups

Teaching and helping members of their group how to add their own records

Adding records for any of their members without broadband, the skills or interest in IT

Checking of records to look for obvious error, and communicating with members over such records.

Understanding the data required for new members in their group to define their interests and survey location.

For members with the Role of Recorder [members who have been trained to add their own records]

Adding and checking their own records