Site manager

Certain activities are required for the management of the site as a whole.

At the moment, the extent of such activities are less clear. This section will contain:

A log of activities performed by the current Site Manager

General Advice on all the menus that are likely to occur on the many forms used to add content. This is designed to give a greater understanding of the menus, so that if errors occur, the causes can be more easily traced. This section could be useful to people with Special Roles who have a greater IT understanding, but it is not a requirement  for those other than the Site manager to fully be familiar with all of this.

Specific Advice on activites listed above. Currently they include

Include / exclude Group Stats from LAPWG stats


Add a new Group

Groups can be project groups, which are set up to work on tracking specific species or to study an environment, or Community groups, which are centered on parishes or geographical areas.
  Add a new page to a menu Similar procedures are described for adding a Page or a Study Group Page
   Add Special Content to Page Show queries based on records in the database to selected pages, either with Views or via PHP Modules. [Findings, Activities, Image Galleries etc]
  Check New Members To see what fields have been completed in there accounts and to delete Spam members

Add Downloads


Files can be attached to the bottom of a page, to be available to download, or can be hidden and linked to text on the page 

Edit Lists



Various lists are used within the site. These include Site sections such as Groups, Species Lists such as Butterflies, Moths, Habitat lists, Habitat Types, Weather for moth trapping etc. This note explains how to access and edit / add terms on a list. Editing the Species list used in the Wildlife Diary is included as one example.
  Add an Image Gallery to a parish menu Filters Images associated with that Group to appear for that Group only; 
Uses Views and Blocks
  Add image gallery  group home pages Selects the best quality images and shows them as a compact block on the Parish Home page. To add to a new parish, configure the Block randomimage_group

Manage Users


There are two useful facilities to manage Users - members who have a login, both available from the Site Manager and data manager quick menus
  Manage Content The section Search and Edit Content  provides a useful way of managing content

Views and Blocks


This is how information is extracted from data added and presented to illustrate conclusions. e.g. to analyse data sets such as Special Events per user, parish or whole group and Study group records, Lists of future or past Events, Event Reports, Users of different categories, Image Galleries for a group etc. Several examples are documented
  Spam Requests for Login Computer-generated requests for a login are quite frequent and have to be removed. This note shows the best approach

Content Types



What they are and the role they play on the site.
Creating new Content Types eg adding individual pages for Birds ading fields such as common and scientific Name, rarity, descriptions, images etc can be added to build up local knowledge of each species.  This is quite different from Lists, which is just a vocabulary - see above.
  Using Content Types  To generate forms for adding and presenting data
   Home page text  This needs editing every quarter to show the latest 'What to Look for' page. This is achieved from the Site Manager's menu - it is an extra put in by the web designer and is not part of the standard Drupal content control menus.