Data Analyst Notes

The Role of the Data Analyst

The Data Analyst is the person in a parish who is given the role of adding records from the Quarterly Diary Checklists, Special Events and Study Groups that they are involved in. Once the system has been thoroughly tested, it will be possible for the DA to train individual diarists to enter their own records. The Data Analyst will be able to check parish records, summaries and search for individual species.

Data Analysts are also instrumental in adding new members and locations and advising on the importance and content of forms & fields within the database.

Finally they will be able to export records to produce reports or send data to other organisations. (The Wildlife Trusts & the County Biological Record Centres will have permissions to download their own records.)

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The following sections are presented in separate sections, online; 


Page in the Download


 *  Glossary of terms     Page 2  
 * Data Analyst Tools & side menu Page 2  
 *  Adding a Diary Record    Page 3  
               Species List Notes Page 3  When adding records from old record sheets
 *     Checking Diary Records Page 4  To follow progress in adding, or to edit
      Adding Special Events Page 5  Based on the Nature Notes
      Adding Study Group records (incomplete) Page 6  A new concept for Moth, Plant etc records
 *  Working with Members & User Accounts. Page 7  
 *                  Adding a new member Page 7  
 *                 Locating an Existing member Page 7  
                 Managing Member's User Accounts Page 8 Ensuring key fields are entered correctly
                  Editing account details & settings            Page 8  
 *  Adding & Editing Observation Locations Page 9  
                 Viewing observation Locations Page 9 Sorting groups of observation locations
                 Using Tetrads as Observation Locations Page 10 The approach and creating them
   Exporting Records Page 11  For external organisations


* An extra set of notes on line  exist for checking Duplicate Entries