Using the Website

The most common use of the website for a member would be through the Home page, via your own Parish or Group, through your Login menu or with the Discussion Forum:

From the Homepage

To see what the latest Wildlife Notes are saying about current happenings
To get details of the Next Event or Reports on a previous event
To access the Notes describing what is happening in nature in the current quarter.
To Login to see their Own Records and Add Information to the website  - See below

Within Parishes & GroupsParish menu

To find out information about a member's own community including
- the latest events;
- analysis or  Findings of the wildlife information collected; Images of the parish etc.
To see Maps of the parish showing important habitat and the Tetrads
To Download a Wildlife Diary and Nature Notes for the next quarter. The choice being to:   
~ Download the files as Word Documents or pdf files. 
(If you have Microsoft Office or Open Access Office, then use the Word files, so you can fill the forms in online and email the completed forms back to the Data Analyst. Alternatively, download the pdf files and use them in the printed form - once filled in by hand, they need to be posted or hand delivered to the Data Analyst).

Via the User Login on the Home page (Broadband is essential to use this effectively).

The left-hand menu under your Username has the following options:User menu

My Groups Gain quick access to the Groups they have joined - either parish or individual study group
My Observations to see their own Wildlife Diary Entries over the whole period they have contributed and see what species they have or have not recorded.

All the records a member has provided can be seen from My Observations in a variety of ways, including a search to see all the times that a given species was recorded or see the most common, least common and any species not seen!   

Create/View Nature Notes provides access to personal space for the member on the website, to keep regular notes of anything they are interested in – the weather, comments on changes in species seen or not seen (eg concern over hedgehogs that you used to see), or changes in the survey area, such as a new habitat that has been provided. The member can add any number of photographs to a note. These notes are  not accessible to other members*, so if you want to tell other members about something, you need to use the  Discuss area of the website – see below

*An optional facility within Nature Notes is to convert an individual Nature Note to a Special Event, which are often provided by many members in addition to the quarterly Wildlife Diary Checklist returns - see below.

Special Events. A Special Event is an event recorded on a specific site at a specific time, together with detail of what the event was.In each Nature Note, you will be able to add one special event that goes into the database. Those with Broadband will be able to note special events and have them shown immediately on the website. See: How to Add a Special Event in the All members Section..   

Add Library Photo / Links/ Page provides the opportunity for a member to contribute to the Library resources on local wildlife.

Photo Add an image ca 800 by 800 pixels and file size ca 150-200 Kb and associate it with a group to show both in the LIbrary and in the Groups image gallery. See full details on How to Add a Library Image
Links Add your favourite links and also associate them with appropriate Groups
Page  Add a Page on any local topic that you feel is not currently covered in the Library

MyAccount This stores all your personal details (not accessible to other members), including your Default Observation Location.  The latter needs to be defined, before any records can be added. The fields in MyAccount thsat need to be defined are:
your proper name as well as the Username, your telephone and email address * so we can contact you,
your postcode, and the Tetrad where you live and record.
*If you do not have an email address then specify Username, (where Username is your own login Username) as it is compulsory to fill this email field.

Discuss on the main menu at the top allows a logged-in member to contribute to the Wildlife Forum  There are two discussion groups:

~ One for sharing notes and queries about wildlife issues with the whole group.
~ One to pass on comments about the use of the website – problems experienced etc

More detail on using any of the above options is provided in the 'How To...'  sections of the All Members help note section.