Adding a new member

Background.  A new member to the Parish Wildlife Project can view most of the website without registering to create a unique login.

A member is required to have a login to be able to add content to the site - Nature Notes, contribute to the Discussion Forum and add pages, pictures or links to the Library. The member then becomes a User.

A User  needs a Username and a Password. These parameters can be created by the member by selecting 'Create an Account' from the Login menu. The minumum details to allow a User to interact with the website is the username and password. The new member can select a parish Group  to associate with and provide Contact Details while creating the account, but approval from the Site Manager is required for the group, and he will issue an initial password and add any roles that the new member should have.

Guidelines for the Username and Password  are:

Username: First letter of the Christian name and the full Surname, with no spaces  eg Jim Smith would have the username JSmith
Password:    First two letters of the Christian Name and the first 3 letters of the Surname, with no spaces:    jismi

The Data Analyst can add a New User from his own menus using the Administer Users option.
Select Add user, from just under the page heading.
The data analyst can provide the above details, including the Password, Role and Contact Details
The Observer ID field should be ignored. Provide all the Contact details at this stage if possible, but they can be filled in later if not known. There is likely to be a Tetrad map in the menus for the parish group.

The Survey Area field is only a general, text description  of the location where the User will record, and is NOT the Observation Location field required before the User can return records.The latter is discussed below.

Observation Location. Records for the new member cannot be added to the website until the Observation Location is defined. Once the member has been given login status, his account can be edited from the Administer Users option. See Details