Observation Locations

Background. A User who returns Wildlife Diaries fills out the species checklist on a fixed Observation Location. This is defined within the User Account. User Account Options

This is done in the My Survey Area of the User Account (in Edit Mode) as shown right:


There are only two fields on the My Survey Area form - an optional text box for a general description of the Observation Location (just for sharing information with other users of the site)

- an Observation Location box, which has to be completed beforeWildlife Diary ReObservation Locationcords can be added.

If the Observation Location has been previously defined, it can be selected by predictive text in the box provided, but the most efficient way is to click theĀ  Add new observation location option, shown right and define the new Observation Location at this point. This opens the form to define the Observation Location and when it is submitted, the new location is automatically associated with the User.

Remember to Submit before leaving the edited page

Defining the Observation Location. The form requires a Location Name, Parish and Tetrad, an Observation Type ( for defining the general nature of the survey area), Habitat on the location (multiple entries can be selected by holding down the control key), Postcode and Location Description. The latter allows the addition of a map of the survey area, together with any notes on how it might change with time. Ignore all the other options on the page, exept the Submit option.