Management Committee Notes

Responsibiltes for overseeing the Website. The Management Committee  thinks of the project as whole, looking much wider than the management of the website, but this document sets out to identify the areas of the website that require management. So far, it has been the Site Manager's role to manage all these aspects. However, if there is no-one with the IT knowledge to take on this role, these responsibilites will need to be reassessed by the Management Committee and appropriately shared. The website is designed to support the project and should not be a burden. The best approach as the project evolves is to assess the role of the website at appropriate intervals and then adjust the management of it. This whole collection of Help Notes is intended to document all the proceedures, so that information on using the website is all on-line for easy reference, especially to those allocated to specific tasks.

The areas for consideration by the Committee are:

  • The site as a whole - Hosting, Security, Backing up etc
  • Extending the Site to other groups - both local parishes and study groups.
  • Education on the use of the site by Members and those with Special Roles. This requires a good understanding of the site and its functions, familiarity with and access to appropriate Help Notes and allocation of responsibilities for teaching.
  • Regular Maintenance; Monthly dealing with Spam requests for membership, checking the latest content created and allocating any actions for change.; ¬† Quarterly¬† Editing Quarterly Notes on what to look for in the quarter. Adding new Downloads to Parishes
  • Site Content. The site has been designed to do many things. The needs at any time will change. This will affect the emphasis placed on different sections of the site and on the maintenance of them. This section will list the current functions, the current status of them and present them for the committee to decide on where to implement changes.