Group Administrator

Responsibilities and Help Notes for the Group Adminstrator:[Parish Coordinators and Study Group admistrators] 

Extending the content by adding sections and pages with different types of content, from text to tables and images and attaching files.

Adding Pages to Group menus
Embedding Images within text on pages
Attaching Files and Downloads to pages

Adding Events and Reports on those events.

Please note that for insurance purposes, all events should be logged with Cornwall Wildlife Trust for which a form is available; this is their latest form with new directions for entering information plus postcodes (download here).

It would be also wise to consider a risk assessment before an event and a simple but quite comprehensive form is also available. (download here). Not all points will be relevant for all events but it is a useful guide and will prioritise the more serious issues to be discussed with attendees. 

Communicating with their members by group email and editing the email requirements of individual members.

Distributing files [Help Notes, Diary Forms etc] for members not on broadband or even the internet.