Whole Site Maintenance

Hosting, Security, Backing Up of the website.

Hosting. The site is hosted by Pair Networks, in America. We will leave the Username and password with the secretary of the Management Committee.

  1. When we are next due to pay                                        Oct 1st 2009
  2. What the terms will be for 1 or more years                      $198.17 per year; includes 8% pre-payment discount.

CWT have offered to cover the costs.

Backing Up
.  My son and I had a go at backing up the data in Oct 2008. We will look at this again, comfirm with Victoria and establish a routine for others to copy at appropriate intervals.

Other Issues. We are allocated  a fixed amount of space on the server. Currently we are at 1/3 of that capacity. As we add lots more images, we will need to keep an eye on this. I will leave details for checking with the Secretary. We can add more space for a relatively small sum, to be checked.

Key Site information. To edit the email address of the administrator and the text on the home page etc select:

Site Administration / Site Configuration / Site Information.   (appropriate permision to edit this page is needed)

Security. I am not aware of any issues here

Ranking.  Websites are given ratings. We use the Alexa rating, where the lower the number, the more used the site is by the internet community. For comparison with other familiar sites, we are doing quite well:

BBC Science and Nature 43; Nature Conservancy 41,000, Cornwall County Council 154,000, Woodland Trust 350,000.
LAPWG 809,000,   CWT, 2,700,00,  Nature's Calendar (Phenology) 3,800,000,  ERCCIS 8,700,00

Statistics on Site Usage. It is possible to generate detailed stats about the site, including the use of each page, who accesses it, where they come from, the route used to access it (eg Google)  etc that an Admistrator could access. The stats are free, but some code needs to be added to each page in the site first and we would need to ask Victoria to add this for us. Action on Victoria.