Adding New Parish or Study Groups.

Adding a New Group to the Site. This is a probably the only addition to the site structure that the Management Committee will need to oversee.  This includes the additions of  parishes and study groups.

The process involves

  • The Definition of the Group  See New Group in Site Manager Help Notes
  • The creation of pages to define the menu detail.. See New Menu page in Site manager Help Notes
  • Adding Parish special sections:                      Image Gallery, Analysis of Records collected
  • Addition of Study Group special sections:      Adding Records online, Analysis of Records online.

We have the capabilty to add new groups and create menu pages. This is something that most members of the Committee should have a working knowledge of. The addition of special sections requires a deeper knowledge, reviewed below:

Function Skills required  Curent capability / source
Add an Image gallery * Drupal knowledge, simplified by cloning existing examples In house, Notes available
Analysis of Records - Findings in Parish menus, LAPWG and for a member *** External Programming with Php, MySQL and Drupal interface Developed by Tim. [The help file and the actual files are presented at the bottom of this page. Brian does not have adequate knowledge to implement any changes].
Victoria/Tim may be able extend this work
Adding Study Group Records online ** Understanding of Content Types in Drupal. Each Group requirement requires special treatment Brian has some knowledge and some notes, but it is not documented on site yet. Victoria has developed a scheme for Moths and Bats that could be adapted to work for other species groups, with some help.
Analysing Study Group Records online **Drupal knowledge of Views or
*** external programming
Brian has knowledge (documented) of Drupal views, which provide limited analysis. External programming offers much more tailored output that would generate more useful information

Discussion on the table.


Level * requires only a rudimentary knowledge of Drupal which should be capable of being done in-house

Level ** requires a deeper knowledge from someone with a reasonable IT background, but no programming skills needed. It is hard to build the product into the menu structure, but there is a (documented) approach to minimise the amount of 'back-arrow' actions.

Level *** Is the ultimate approach, capable of generating any output required and fitting the resulting information within the Menu Structure. Tim developed the existing facilities producing the 'Findings' in our Parish. LAPWG group and a member's menus. He may be able to extend this, or at least advise on the proceedure. Victoria should be able to make use of this after an initial learning experience.It would not be economic to ask a new website designer to get involved as the initial learning about the aproach adopted, could be as long or longer that any further work done. Victoria is available and interested in doing more work over the next 2 months.

 The Needs.

  1. 'Findings' to new parishes joining our group. It is important that we have this capability. We should be able to extend Tim's work. This would probably involve copying and pasting with some small editing. If Tim is not in a position to do this, I would like ask Victoria to quote for doing it and to document the steps for future reference . If we got this wrong, it seriously affect the website.
  2. Detailed look at adding records and the queries behind the 'Findings'.
    There are some questions about the queries used to produce the findings, that I will discuss with Tim and try to resolve them. One in particular - species that have not been recorded by a parish not consistent with other queries for that parish.
  3. There is also a need to be able to check for or avoid duplication in the adition of Diary Records. We have shown that this has happened several times in more than one parish. It is not clear of this is an operator error or a malfunction of the Drupal software and it needs to be checked.
  4. Analysis of Moth and Plant Records. Adding these records works fairly well. Some documentation is being developed. We have simple (documented) analysis of the raw data. If the Plant and Moth Group Leaders want a specific output, then I would recommend asking Victoria to quote for this. Jen ( Plants) and Dave (Moths) are in positions to decide the needs here and to make decisions on whether the quote is justifiable.
  5. Record Collection for New Study Groups. I have sufficent knowledge to attempt this, but would benefit from guidance from Victoria. I am documenting the approach. The need for this at the moment is low and may never come up as an action.