Recording Ponds

Recording Village Ponds. We need to record the Size and Status of each pond identified and record any historic information. Visits should only be made with the landowners permission.

Size can be estimated or paced out, depending on access. The measurement should be both the size of any depression and the fraction filled with water at the time of visit

Status. This is not intended to be a detailed, but should include a note of all the visual features below. It needs needs to rank the ponds visited in terms of biodiversity and identify those for further study.

- the location in the countryside and the degree of seclusion
- whether water is present, static or flowing, and its source
- any features such as an island, nature of the banks for access to wildlife
- presence of rubbish, or any other contamination, use by stock
- shading by surrounding trees, especially from the South
- the range of vegetation in and around the pond.
- any obvious signs of wildlife -invertebrates, fish, ducks etc
- evidence for management of the pond and reasons for doing so

Historic information. If we can establish what the original purpose of the pond was and when it was last used as such, we may be able to understand the reasons for its current status and be in a stronger position to extrapolate the results to a wider are than the survey area.