Add a Group Event to show on the website

Details of Events can be aded to the website at any time - they are held in a database and are shown when they are due on the Home page and in any relevant Group menu.

The Event is created from the Group Administer Quick menu selecting Create Event.

All of the boxes on the create Event form should be filled in down as far as Equipment and Booking. The options, other than Submit below this, should be ignored. The content required by most of the fields is obvious.

Start and End date. Needs no comment. Tick the all day box if this applies
Title;  Keep it short; include the Date
Meeting; Where to meeet. Give a grid refereence include a map, too where possible in the Body box, below.
Event Leader; The name, listing any skills they bring
Contact; of the organiser
Event Report; leave this blank until the report is written and then edit the Event details and select the report. [This is a useful, as it helps us to complie lists of Events with their reports].
Body; add the details of the event, with embedded pictures if possible. Links to websites providing more information about detail in the write-up can be added if relevant.
Audience; [This normally is used to define who is informed by email. I am clarifying this with the web designer as we also want to define the Parish where the event is held]
Equipment and Booking;Needs no comment.