Communicate with Group members

Using the Email option for a Group. Emails can be sent to all the Users who have emails and want to receive them. If a member does not have an email, or does not want to receive emails, a setting in the User's account nededs to be changed - see below*.

The facility to send e-mails is accessed from the top of the home page of the Group: Group email option

When the E-mail option is selected, the form appears with this message:email comment
Clicking on the 27 subscribers will show the list of those in the group, regardless of their ability to receive emails

Filling in the form is simple - just a Subject and a message added to the Body, then Submit.

* Defining Users who do should not be sent emails.

Open the list of Subscribers and click on the User Name;User Account edit options
When the User details appear, select Edit;

Select Account Settings in the line that appears (right):

At the bottom of the page that opens is Email Notifications. Select the top option as shown below to excude the User from receiving emails.

email notification options