A New Parish

Kingfisher D NortheyThese notes are to guide those in charge of the new parish group understand all the sections of the menu for the new group and contribute to the content of some of the sections. The menu structure for the new group will have been created by the site manger.

The Objective of the Parish Group Menu is to:

  • Provide support to the members of the group: Maps, Downloadable Diaries for members to collect data
  • Present information collected within the group: Wildlife diary data, Event reports, Images
  • Summarise key information that we are learning about the Group: key species and habitat, geography...

Most of this information is updated automatically from data collected by members and added to the database, either directly by the member, or by a Data Analyst selected by the group to add key imformation on behalf of members.

The following pages present:
              Developing the Parish Home page.
             The Other menu sections and actions suggested to maintain the Group information on the website.

Other actions:  Recruiting members and establishing their interests, identifying members to help run the group, identifying areas of interest to visit, planning some events.

Help is available.  Contact Brian Stringer by by phone (01566 818012) or email brianxstringer@googlemail.com 
                                            Jen Bousfield by phone or email