Managing the Parish Home Page

The Parish Home page can be edited by the Parish Coordinator, who needs to be logged in. At the top of the page are 4 menu options: Edit, Track, Categories, Email, [only visible after logging in].

The important options are Edit and Email.

Edit, to change the content and layout of the content of the page [the image gallery is not editable here - images - see below - that are added to the Library by members and tagged with the parish name are automatically shown]. The text, images within the text and the map can all be controlled in the edit mode.

   The content needs to be kept concise and follow the type of information shown for the other parishes - the main habitat in the parish and locations of it, the key species being found in the parish, as we learn more about this. Towards the bottom of the text are links to the other sections of the menu. These will be added for the parish by the Site manager.

    Images. Members should be encouraged to take digital images of the parish. All members can add images to the website - see adding a Library ImageEmbedded images help the visual appearance of the page. 
    The Map. This will be prepared for you and added by the Site Manager.

Email. This option lists the members of the group and facilitates sending a message to all of them that have agreed to accept emails. See Communicate with Group members. It is important to make sure that email notification is set correctly for each member. This can only be done on the members personal details.


Managing Other sections of the Parish website content