Other Parish Menu sections

Most of the other Parish sections are generated by the database. The following table lists them and any actions suggested to maintain them.

 Menu Section  Content and Action suggested for Parish Coordinator
 Habitat Map  Habitat in the parish and a key : Check and suggest changes
 Parish Map

 Physical map of the parish, Tetrad maps, Links to online map of the parish. Check and suggest changes

 Activities  Summary of members activities - listed by database: No action Required.

Summaries of species recorded in Wildlife Diaries. No action Required
Special Events recorded by Members from database. No action Required.
Trend Reports summarising what we are learning:  Support from Data Analyst required

 Wildlife Diary  Downloads of the forms for the parish members to record 3 monthly sightings. No action Required.
 Image Gallery  Automatically shown from database. Encourage members to take photos and add them to the LIbrary