Pond Check

POND CHECK ~ help stop the spread of these non-native pond plants by assisting ERCCIS with this new project. The details below are taken from the page on their web site. They provide downloadable ID sheets, management advice and recording forms.

POND CHECK is part of their Investigate Invasives campaign to track down non-native invasive species that threaten the habitats and native wildlife of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Take part in POND CHECK and find out if you are harbouring any pond invaders.

Non-native invasive plant species are one of the greatest threats to the environment and biodiversity. They are often more vigorous than native species and lack natural pests and diseases to keep them in check. The smallest fragment, inadvertently spread, can cause an invasion. Aquatic invasive plants, in particular, out-compete native plants and can form dense mats choking up watercourses, increasing the risk of flooding, deoxygenating water and limiting access. Growth can be so dense that in some cases it can be mistaken for solid ground. Substantial amounts of money are spent annually managing non-native invasive species on waterways, ponds and lakes.

As part of the Investigate Invasives campaign, ERCCIS are running POND CHECK. This is a FREE service to help pond owners identify potential problem plants and provide advice on how to remove and carefully dispose of them. These are six of the worse aquatic offenders to look out for in your pond. They cause extensive damage if allowed to escape into the countryside.

There are six plants:

Parrot's Feather Myriophyllum aquaticum. Curly Waterweed  Lagarosiphon major.

Creeping Water Primrose Ludwigia grandiflora/peploides. New Zealand pygmy weed Crassula helmsii.

Large-flowered waterweed Egeria densa.  Floating Pennywort Hydrocotyle ranunculoides.

Obtaining your FREE pond check from ERCCIS couldn't be easier, simply either text or email a clear image of your pond and if possible a close up of the plants that you are concerned about together with your name and postcode. Alternatively, fill in the online recording form if you wish to provide a more detailed description to contribute to our records or download a recording form to survey a local community pond.

Contact Options

email pondcheck@cornwt.demon.co.uk or Text POND to 60300 followed by your name, postcode and image (messages will be charged at your standard network rate)
Or you can telephone Lisa Rennocks 01872 240 777 ext: 242