Trewonnard Farm

On Saturday 14th August at 9am, 11 LAPWG members met remarkably punctually at Trewonnard farm, Treneglos.  Dave Groves spearheaded the day in collaboration with Cornwall Mammal Group and had set twenty small mammal traps, with Sue Morey's help, the night before.

Trewonnard farm is owned and managed very sympathetically by Daryll Shute with lovely thick hedgerows, offering excellent habitat.

The day was doing its best at being uninspiring, but after the essential cuppa, we set off with a lot of enthusiasm to see what had been ensnared - amazingly enough our first find was a buzzard's breakfast - it took off at our approach and left what had recently been a very healthy male field vole weighing in at a substantial 37 grms.  Havng done the scientific bit on it, we left it to be consumed, and set off twards the first lot of traps.

This time a bank vole, a young male at a diminutive 17 grams was revealed.  The other batches of traps yielded a female wood mouse at a healthy 27 grams and another very active wood mouse who managed to escape before being analysed.  We traversed round the 140 acres of Trewonnard, following in the footsteps of the knowledgeable Tony Atkinson and Dave Groves and found the tracks of roe deer, field vole larders, evidence of squirrels, mole hills, badger and rabbit droppings.  There were numerous tiny frogs and other tiny creatures.

All in all a satisfying morning ending up with a final cuppa and home made goodies.  Thank you Darryl for inviting us onto your lovely farm.magpie mothbifurcated hartstongue fern 


Photographers: Sandra Whaites; Sue Morey 

Young frog  Green Alkanet  Dock Leaf Beetle, female  White Deadnettle LAPWG group Trewonnard  woody nightshade  Caterpillar, poss White Ermine moth 

Species Seen:
Mammals or signs of: Short-tailed Field Vole, Bank Vole, Woodmouse, Molehills, Grey Squirrel (nutshells), Rabbit signs, Badger latrine, Roe Deer. Birds: Spotted Flycatcher, Buzzard, Robin in moult, Heron, Goldfinch. Amphiibians: Common Frog. Insects: Green Dock Leaf Beetle; Common Carpet & Magpie Moths; Caterpillar (White Ermine Moth?); Speckled Wood, Gatekeeper, Green Veined & Large White Butterflies. Plants: White Dead-Nettle, Angelica,Bittersweet(woody nightshade), Hedge Woundwort and the hybrid, Meadow Sweet, Meadow Vetchling, Creeping, Marsh & Spear Thistles, Green Alkanet, Hedge Parsley, Ribwort Plantain, Hemp Agrimony, Watermint, Silverweed, Tufted Vetch, Self-Heal, Rough Chervil, Foxglove, Dogs Mercury, Horsetail, Lesser Spearwort, Common Hemp Nettle, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Redshank, Foxtail Grass; Guelder Rose, Rowan, Sweet Chestnut, Hazel, Blackthorn, Witches Broom on Birch, Alder, Aspen, Elder, Lime, Norway Maple (?) and a new record for the tetrad, Lemon-Scented (Mountain) Fern (TA & MA).