Seed gathering at Stara Woods

Water under the bridge at StyaraAfter a night of heavy rain, the sun broke through and the day was perfect for an autumn afternoon in the woods, searching for seeds & nuts to plant and hopefully produce new, locally sourced stock for a Parish Hedge.

Catherine Horrell, the Tree Warden for Linkinhorne parish and Friend of Stara Woods reports that she was really pleased to have around 25 people come to the woods of whom 11 were children who took part in the seed gathering and tree planting. The seed table

"The children enjoyed testing their acorns in a bucket of water to see which ones sank, showing they were plump and good to plant. They happily mixed the sand and compost to make the growing medium and filled up the pots to plant their seeds. Some also made wooden medallions and mobiles to remind them of their seed planting. Hopefully these will prompt them to water and care for the tree seedlings in the coming year. Making stick people out of twigs and bits of material also proved popular.
It was good to see children there from Upton Cross school and we hope to have a further visit from one of the classes sometime. We were lucky with the weather - I had feared we would have a downpour!"

Amethyst Deceiver fungi Crested Coral fungus Fungus growing under conifers On fallen branch Wood Cauliflower fungus Close up of Wood Cauliflower

Some of us just enjoyed walking the woods and admiring the assortment of fungi and finding hazel nuts opened by the dormice!Where we found some nuts The River Lynher was in spate which was quite exciting although taking pictures of fast moving water proved to be a challenge...

White water  The river Lynher in spate

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Fungi identified: 'Wood Cauliflower' Sparassis crispa; 'Crested Coral' Clavulina coralloides; 'Amethyst Deceiver' Laccaria amethystina. Signs of Dormice Muscadinus avellanarius.