A stroll through Clay Country, with photographs.

At the start (SM)

Driving over a dreary misty Bodmin Moor we were glad to see the sunshine as we approached the Clay Country.  In bright breezy weather we set off over the footbridge to view the site of a rare pioneer plant, Western Rustwort (Marsupella Profunda). 

View from the footbridge (SM)

The area was fenced off, the whitish slopes of its habitat were visible but we were not close enough to see the plants. We retraced our steps back over the bridge and set off along the lower clay trail identifying the trees that had been planted as part of the regeneration. Mary was puzzling over an unusual Alder and later at home checked it out. When she looked in The Atlas of Cornwall's Flora discovered Green Alder (Alnus Viridus) - tree planting scheme on china clay waste Carclaze 1997-Mary Atkinson!

Clay country (TA)

Little detours were made from the main trail giving far reaching views of the area and out to sea. Many of the spoil heaps have been graded and planted and they are no longer the stark white "Cornish Alps."  When we reached the viewing area overlooking the Eco Bos site Robin orientated us with an artist's impression of the proposed village in relation to the surrounding topography. Whilst we had some refreshment Robin gave us lots of information about the clay industry, from extraction to its miriad of uses. Naturally there was much discussion about the impact on the area,  the employment opportunities and the energy producing plans. 

Our return on the higher and much narrower path was traversed with care as the wind was quite strong away from the shelter of the trees. we also had and excellent view of the most prominent and highest tip in the area 

The Sky Tip (TA)

known as the "Skytip."

The morning was rounded off with a picnic lunch and hot drinks.  Thanks to Robin for a very educational walk in an area few of us had encountered. Photographs from Tony Atkinson (TA) & Sue Morey (SM)

Yellow Wax-caps (SM) 

Species Seen:
Heather, Gorse,Lichen, Sphagnum Moss, Soft Rush, Rose Bay Willow Herb, Lousewort, English Stonecrop, Heath Speedwell, Pampas grass, Wood Sage, WaterPurslane, Pink Campion, Waxcap, Blackening Waxcap, Green Alder, Lime, Ash, Sitka Spruce, Hornbeam, Maple (Norway) White Willow, Sycamore, Oak,Grey Willow, Buddleia, Rhodedendron, Cotoneaster, Fox skull, 2 Ravens, Jay, Meadow Pipit, Red Admiral