Signs of Spring?

The sun is only just beginning to shine down into our little valley so spring is never early here and compared to the previous two years, we are running late!

Two queen bees last week: a superb Tree Bumble Bee, Bombus pratorum and then a Buff-Tailed, B.terrestris. Quite a different 'buzz'. I think that the frogs have completed their spawning and so far the spawn has not been severely frosted which is good.

Not a single butterfly yet but an early moth night last month provided four of four species. Nothing exciting but in time to catch an Early Moth which I usually miss when I trap in March and April. 

No spring birds yet but am listening and there is a dawn chorus. Blackbirds are collecting moss for nests so they must have found some sheltered spots in some ivy.

How about the rest of you with warmer, sunny gardens?