Hedgehog Awareness Week 2017

Hedgehog Awareness Week is from April 30th to May 6th. Click here for more information.  

OPERATION HEDGEHOG is the name of a county initiative to record and help to conserve Cornish Hedgehogs. It involves the Cornwall Mammal Group, Cornwall Wildlife Trust and other biodiversity/conservation/environmental agencies.

One of the aims is to record where hedgehogs are in the countryside because people do report animals from gardens but not so much from farms and fields or the hogs that fail to cross our roads. Numbers appear to be in decline but we need to know where they are living now.

Sadly, my first record of the year is of a very flat hedgehog on the road near South Petherwin at Daws House at the end of March.

To send in a record, please use ORKS! Click here to connect to the single record page. They will need your name, contact email, where and when you saw the hog (alive or dead) and hedgehog is the species.

To help hedgehogs to survive:

  • Avoid feeding them with bread, cake and milk which make them ill. Feed meaty food.
  • Make sure that there are gaps in you hedge/fence or under the gate so that they can move in and out of your garden/farmyard. They can travel a mile a night so are pretty active.
  • Take care if you use strimmers or brush cutters, start high and work down through the vegetation looking out for nests of leaves (many injuries are caused by strimmer lines & blades...)
  • Stop using slug pellets based on metaldehide. If you have to use the safer products based on iron (ferric phosphate), use the minimum ~ hogs need slugs and snails for food. 
  • Report hedgehogs (dead & alive) to your wildlife trust or mammal group. Contact us if you need help.

Help to spread the word to friends & neighbours.

More information from:  Hedgehog StreetCornwall Mammal GroupCornwall Wildlife Trust.