Early signs of spring around Crackington

After our AGM (report later) at the Crackington Institute with coffee and cake (above standard rations!), Gill took us down through paths and wooded lanes to the Haven. Never tire of the views across the cliffs to the sea, thank you Gill.

Point to note that after discussing 'Operation Hedgehog', an initiative to record and conserve hedgehogs across the county, it was duly noted that a rather sleepy hedgehog attended our AGM, en route back home to Lezant after an stay at a rescue centre in south Devon over the winter! 

Just a few pictures to give a flavour of the day~

Sweet Violets in the hedge        Down into the valley  Willow catkins                               Scarlet Elfcup in the woods  Gorse flowering on the cliffs       and there was the sea!  

The sea!


Species Seen:
Plants in flower: Lesser Celandine, Alexanders, Dandelion, Sweet Violet, Primroses, Daffodils, Yellow Archangel, Dogs Mercury, Daisy, Ground Ivy, Bitter Cress, Groundsel, Annual Hemp-nettle, Speedwell, Opposite leaved Golden Saxifrage, Alder, Hazel, Willow, Marsh Marigold, Hogweed, Elm, Early Purple Orchids in leaf. Fungi: Scarlet Elfcup. Insects: Barred Straw moth, Comma butterfly. Tadpoles. Birds: Wren, Canada Goose, Rook, Chaffinch, Robin, Long-tailed Tit, Blue Tit, Buzzard, Pied Wagtail, Song Thrush, Jay, Great Tit, Gull sp. Mammals: signs of Roe Deer, Rabbit