Armstrong's Wood, May 2017

Checking bat boxes (AJ)

  One of two annual visits organised for Cornwall Bat Group by Tony Atkinson and well attended by bat workers old & new and by LAPWG and the catering team; twenty-one of us today. 

  However, there was a notable delay at the start of the afternoon~ we had arrived early with Tony to park down closer to the entrance when there was an almighty crash. 'Sounds like a big branch has dropped down' was the comment but when we went up to check and met some of the others walking down the hill, we discovered that a whole tree had fallen right across the road, just behind where the first cars had parked and just in front of one of the bat group! Rather too close for comfort and certainly not on anyone's risk assessment. After alerting the neighbour (thank you Simon) we slowly assembled down at the entrance for Tony's introduction.Trainee bat workers were able to handle a noctule and a brown long-eared bat and we could all see the bats roosting in the wood & polystyrene boxes hung up in the trees.  

Noctule bat (JWB)                Violet oil beetle (SM)   

The dormousers, led by James Robbins were less lucky but there were several birds nesting and fledglings and there was a pygmy shrew nesting. One new nest, made of moss and bark strips was noted as one to watch.

Near the sluice gate (AJ)


The trees were all in leaf, the sun shone and as Alison said it was 'a lovely afternoon spent in a beautiful English wood' 

Thank you very much to all concerned.  

Male fern (JWB)    Photographs from Alison Jewell (AJ); Sue Morey (SM) & Jen Bousfield (JWB)

Pignut and bluebell (JWB)               Brown long-eared bat (SM)

Calendar Event associated:
Species Seen:
Mammals: noctule, brown long-eared, soprano pipistrelle bats; grey sqirrel, pygmy shrew, signs of roe deer and rabbit. Birds: marsh tit, blue tit, pheasant, mistle thrush. Insects: orange-tip and green-veined white butterflies; speckled yellow moth; pod skater, dor beetle. Plants in flower included: pignut, blue bell, red campion, Creeping buttercup, ramsons, woodrush, ground ivy, primrose, early purple orchid, germander speedwell, bugle, greater stitchwort, wood sanicle, cleavers, wood speedwell, eyebright, yellow archangel, cinquefoil, yellow pimpernel, herb-bennet.