Treovis Cross farm, moths, toast, views and a dormouse!

We very nearly cancelled this event because of the weather warning for torrential rain but as Saturday had been OK, at least up our end of Cornwall, Mary & Tony decided to risk it and set up their moth lamp in a sheltered spot on the edge of a field looking towards Caradon Hill.

No rain at all over night although quite cool, down to 7C. Chiff-chaff was singing as we arrived. Four of us plus Carol & Dave joined them to open up the trap and Mary was quite pleased with the results. Not a huge number but a good selection of autumnal species and a few ever faithfuls! See the species list below.

Autumnal colours were very obvious in many of the species but especially the Frosted Orange and Pink-barred Sallow. 

Frosted Orange moth     Dormouse bagged for weighing    Pink-barred Sallow moth 

Two of us peeled off to check some of the dormouse nest boxes in the wood while the others plus two more sat down to a second breakfast and a good long chat (and thank you to Carol for her hospitality). When they eventually set off for the walk, they were too late to see the family of dormice that we found, the three juveniles almost independent.

The view over to Sharp Tor (GN)


Continuing with the walk, we finally arrived at the top of Notter Tor with a fantastic view all round but especially over to Sharp Tor (thank you Gill for the photo).


A really lovely morning, never trust the weather forecast! 

And thank you to all concerned. 

Species Seen:
Moths: Brimstone Moth, Burnished Brass, Common Marbled Carpet, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Pink-barred Sallow, Frosted Orange, Angle-shades, Large Yellow Underwing, Square-spot Rustic, Dark Swordgrass, Acleris laterana/comariana, Flounced Rustic, Snout, Green Carpet, Flame Shoulder. Butterflies: Speckled Wood, Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell. Other inverts: Wood Wasp, Grasshopper (2 species), Dor Beetle, Southern Hawker, Common Darter. Birds: Green Woodpecker, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Jay, Owl?, Long-tailed Tit, Wood Pigeon, Nuthatch, Robin, Chiff-chaff, Chaffinch, Magpie, Buzzard, Crow. Mammals: Roe Deer (2), Common Shrew, Common Dormice (4), Rabbit, Red Fox signs. Fungi: Puffball, Earthball.