Moths of Autumn (updated)

Moths to be seen now, in mid-autumn, may be the wonderfully camouflaged Merveille du Jour. 

Merveille du Jour moth (MA)

November Moths are numerous, either coming to light or to be lit up by the headlights when driving in the lanes after dark. November and Early November Moth, and Autumnal and Pale Autumnal Moth are impossible to distinguish without dissection (gen.det.) so all should be recorded as 'November agg.'

The Chestnut clan, Beaded, Flounced and straight Chestnut, and various of the Sallow moths are all autumn flying, and resemble dead leaves and yellowing birch leaves. They will feed on Ivy blossom when this is fresh and full of nectar, and they can be seen by torch-light, often gorged and sleepy.

November Moth agg. below; Merveille du Jour moth, right. 

November Moth agg. (MA)   Photos by Mary Atkinson