Get involved with the Riverfly Partnership

The Riverfly Partnership is a network of over 100 different partner organisations including entomologists, anglers, water course managers and authorities who are working together to protect the water quality in our rivers; understand more about 'riverfly' populations and to help to conserve riverfly habitats.

Some parts of our rivers are already monitored by angling associations, especially where there are established fishing rights and management but the rivers around Launceston and the tributaries are not covered; the river Otter is another river system that is poorly covered. It would seem a very worthwhile project to get involved in locally if you have time (perhaps once a month) to spend an hour or two counting creatures! Ideal if you live close by, or regularly walk alongside a watercourse.

Training and equipment will be provided to those who are interested and feel that they would like to commit to the project and a few of our group have already expressed an interest. 

You only need to learn to recognise three groups of fly larva: mayflies or up-wing flies, caddisflies and stoneflies, all quite distinct but also excellent indicators of water quality. And a very important part of the food web for many aquatic creatures.

To find out more please visit the website (click here to link

We are hoping that if enough people express an interest, a free training workshop can be arranged for late January/early February 2018.

So, if this is something that might interest you, please get in touch with Tony Atkinson.

Email: or telephone: 01579 370433 who is our group contact for this project.