Moths in December (from Mary Atkinson)

Winter Moth (MA)

Unsurprisingly, Winter Moths and December Moths!

Those are their real names. Winter Moths are dowdy little things but weather-hardy and more often seen in the headlights in the lanes than come to light. These are the males; the females are flightless.    Male Winter Moth, right.

December Moth (MA)



December Moths (left)on the other hand are furry and beautifully marked.



A warm spell in winter may also wake up the odd Hebrew Character or a few hibernating micros.


I can manage Facebook to a limited extent and I do find that various of the Moth-related pages are interesting, informative and helpful; (at the same time, always check that the help is correct. Usually OK but sometimes wildly out!). It gives a wider picture of what is being seen in other parts not only of Cornwall but the whole of the U.K. These groups include: Cornish Moths... Recording Moths... Moths UK... Flying Tonight... Migrants & Adventive Moths UK... Pugs in Flight Tonight... Caterpillars UK... (all help with idents).

Some groups are open and some closed but to join the closed groups, you only have to ask the group manager.

There are all sorts of tips and wrinkles about making different moth traps on thr Moth Traps UK group; it's amazing how inventive and ingenious people are.

You only have to ask and there's usually someone out there who can help.       Mary Atkinson 01/12/2017