Herne's Oak : Ancient Tree

Herne’s Oak

This ancient tree, growing by the Inny in Lezant Parish, is
estimated to be 650 to 700 years old, and the second oldest in Cornwall after
the Darley Oak, which is thought to be getting on for 900 years old.

Herne’s Oak has recently been ‘haloed’ by a team from the
Cornwall Ancient Tree Forum. Saplings and overshadowing branches of beech and
sycamore have been removed to let in more light and air but hopefully not wind,
to give the poor old thing a breather. Since 2004 a large branch and part of
the trunk has fallen, and the whole structure of the tree now looks very frail;
a big deterioration even in the 40 years we have known it.

The tree grows in private woodland with no public access
permitted. If anyone has any pictures or anecdotes about the tree, the Forum
people would be glad to know. Contact through Tony:   downgatebatman@yahoo.co.uk