Moths in February

As I write in early February we are in a bitterly cold northerly airstream and a full moon, so most sensible moths will be tucked up in herbage somewhere, or still in their pupae. 

Red-green Carpet

However, a milder spell will soon lure them out and species such as Red-green Carpet may be seen. This attractive moth can be seen both in the autumn and again in spring as the female will hibernate over winter.

Dotted Border and the Early Moth may emerge, and so too the Brindled Beauty; mostly males of this species, the female is rarely attracted to light. Note the feathered antennae of the male in the illustration. The black spot on the underside of the Early Moth is a useful diagnostic feature.

A very early March Moth was trapped in the SE of Britain back in January and a Hummingbird Hawkmoth was seen in the Scillies in January, both responding to brief milder spells.

Dotted Border moth Early Moth Early Moth underside  

Brindled Beauty moth

Above, from left: Dotted Border; Early Moth; Early Moth underside;

and Brindled Beauty on the right. (All Mary Atkinson)