Hedgehog Report 2018

Some of you may be interested to read 'The State of Britain's Hedgehogs' report publiched by the People's Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS).

Click here to reach the page where you can download the report. 

You can zoom in on the map and, apart from the moors, Cornwall is quite well covered. And the data includes records from the Mammal Society and the BTO Garden Birdwatch recorders who record mammals. 

Interesting to read how in more urban areas, numbers are holding their own or slightly increasing yet in rural areas, there is a more definite decline. But, is this because people in towns are taking more note and sending in records as well as putting out food? In the countryside, there are large areas and fields where few people go out recording at night and most of our records are from villages or roads. Although less roadkill might mean fewer hedgehogs.

Raises lots of questions which is good and if you have a fence or a wall, make sure there are holes or gaps for the hogs to move through easily. Watching some videos recently, I was surprised at how fast hedgehogs move.