Kensey Valley walk in brilliant sunshine!

Below a cloudless sky (JWB) Well yes, it was cold but not that cold and there was not a cloud in the sky when our small group met at Tregadillett to walk down through to the Kensey Valley and then along and up again to make a perfect circular walk.

We thought that there was just the six of us because apologies had been received from several others and then, just as we were about to leave, Tessa arrived having walked along the old road from Launceston.

Gill and Sue had checked this route a couple of weeks earlier and relayed warnings about MUD but... after such a hard frost the ground was rock-hard and we had forgotten to add in 'ice' on our risk assessment! No one fell over and once we were on the pasture, it was fine.

We were surprised at the amount of woodland along the hillsides and there were some lovely thick hedges, heavy catkined from the amount of hazel. The only time that the easterly wind imposed was when we walked back up across a field in the shadow of the woods but once in amongst the trees, we were sheltered, even a little warm in the sunshine.

We did list quite a few species, but all fairly predictable until reaching the top above the wood, Gill called out 'Starlings... or are they?' And no, they were Lapwing, counting at least a hundred as they flew across to the east. Along the lane, calls of 'fox scat' were followed by 'fox print' and then a skull and reddish pelt proved to be a long previous road kill.

Finishing off with hot drinks and cake, even though it was lunch time, we all thanked Gill and Sue for getting us out on such a beautiful day!

Highland cow-in-calf (AJ)  Hazel hedgerow down to Tankers Lake (AJ)  Fox print (AJ)  Photos from Alison & Jen 

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Species Seen:
Birds: house sparrow, robin, wren, great tit, wood pigeon, chaffinch, blue tit, pied wagtail, magpie, nuthatch, goldcrest, lapwing, rook, starling, and an owl pellet. Signs of mole, fox (print, scat and road kill), rabbit. In flower: primrose, celandine, snowdrop, gorse, hazel, dandelion, dog's mercury. New growth on: cow parsely, hedge bedstraw, butterbur, nettle, elder, ground elder, woodsage, honeysuckle, bluebell. Oak apples and scarlet elf cup.