Moths in March

The combination of foul weather from Siberia and Portugal have put a stopper on flying insects. Bitter east winds with snow and sub-zero temperatures, have been followed by rain. I  eagerly await the first moth trapping of the month at the next chance.

The aptly-named March Moth may then be seen and I show the first two Pugs of the season, Brindled below left and Double-striped below right, for comparison.Pugs can be tricky and worn ones are just about impossible to identify with any certainty.

Brindled Pug (MA)        Double-striped Pug (MA) 

The first brood of Early Thorn may appear, and the handsome Oak Beauty, Red Chestnut and Twin-spotted Quaker.

Oak Beauty (MA)  Red Chestnut (MA)  Twin-spot Quaker (MA) 

Clouded Drab below right, quite characteristic because of their rather indeterminate markings are also among the early birds.

Clouded Drab (MA)

If the weather becomes milder and the cold winds drop, things will probably come with a rush.