Our 2018 AGM ( and we did get a walk!) and some cake...

LAPWG above Crackington Haven


Thank you to all those who attended our annual general meeting ~ some useful work was accomplished, we reviewed the past year, approved the accounts and we now have an up dated constitution. Topics discussed included recording (we need to do more!); membership and the new Data Act which we need to deal with as soon as possible; and we also talked more about a new web-site, forming a small sub-committee to look at this further.

There was little fidgeting to go off walking as it was raining quite hard with no sign of a break so while we had our lunch, we watched some footage of some rather special mammals, thank you to Dave for these.

'Let's just go' was a call to put on our boots and walk and so we did ~ and although there was a little more rain it was lovely to be outside striding down across the fields along the footpath to the beach. The sun even came out!

Hunting for vole signs!


A short list of plants in flower was noted and will be added soon; Tony & Dave set to, hunting for signs of vole then, as we walked down into the woods, Robin found some dead wood with the blue-green colouring that showed the presence of the Green Wood-cup fungus, Chlorosplenium aeruginascens, 

Green Wood-cup fungus (RP)

that stains the wood the colour of wood preservative. She had seen some of the fruiting bodies, which are more rare, at another location in the autumn. And someone spotted an anomalous form of primrose with six petals, not the usual five. 

We suggested a return walk in summer to look for butterflies, especially the Purple Hair-streak on the oaks below the field and possibly some rock pooling if tide-times allow. This is a really good area for walks and views so long as you can cope with the steep slopes or can arrange a drive back up again (thank you Gill, very grateful!). 

Six-petaled primrose (RP)                Gorse in flower (JWB)

The beach looked quite different to last year: the river had changed its course and the shingle was piled up quite high in places. Apparently there were great icicles hanging down from the water seepages in the cliffs during the recent cold spell.

West side of the beach (JWB)

Thank you especially to Gill for organising everything and to the cake-makers! 

Photographs by Robin & Jen. 

Species Seen:
More to be added but in flower: european gorse, hazel, primrose. Mammal signs: mole, rabbit, field vole, bank vole, grey squirrel. Other: green wood-cup fungus, toad (D).