New Year Walk from Bowithick

Before winter finally ends, a short report on our walk in the new year seems timely.

On Buttern Hill


Many thanks to Dave & Mary for organising what was a beautiful walk looking right across the moor above Bowithick, down the Fowey valley to Draynes & Golitha and west towards Showery & Rough tors. The only clouds were way over the sea, above us, the sky was clear. Yes it was cold, yes there was mud but a real joy to be outside in such super fresh air!


Down the Fowey valley


No wonder this area is rich in archaeology with this particularly well preserved stone cist on Buttern Hill.

Stone cist 


We were walking back as the sun set and dusk fell but we had time to finish with our usual 'end of the festive season' mince pies and cake and a welcome hot drink.  

Moorland stream  And away in the distance we could see flocks of starlings heading back to their roost near Crowdy.




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An incomplete list from memory included song thrush, robin, snipe, starling, signs of rabbit.