Moths in April, now with images!

March came in like a lion and went out like another. It will be interesting to see whether we see the moths of early spring which we didn't see, will catch up, or whether we will 'jump' to the more seasonal species. April usually gives a bigger variety.

The next pug to appear this year should be V Pug, green when fresh, but quickly fading. However, the characteristic black V mark in the upper wing is constant, unless the moth is so worn as to be unidentifiable.

Spruce Carpet

The three earliest carpet moths, Water, Spruce (see right) and Red Twin-spot (below left), can be identified with care. The carpet moths were presumably so named by the Victorians because of their attractive and complicated patterns. Their caterpillars certainly don't eat carpets!

Red Twin-spot      Shoulder-stripe Shoulder-stripe, left.

The Shoulder-stripe is another of the huge Geometer family, all characterized by their 'looper' caterpillars which are seen dangling from trees and bushes on the end of a silken thread if they've been dislodged from their food plant.  They will soon climb back up the thread to resume their life among the foliage.

The bigger thick-bodied moths which can be seen in the course of the month include Pale Pinion (below left) and Pebble Prominent. (below right)

Pale Pinion                                                   Pebble Prominent