Success with mammal sign hunt!

Just about a perfect spring day spent in and around the woods near Higher Larrick and the river Inny!

Although organised for the Cornwall Mammal Group, we were all LAPWG members; just a small group but that was good really because this is not the sort of place where you want hordes of people ~ they would have spoilt the peace.

Violet Oil-beetles   Hazel nut opened by dormouse   Bloody-nosed beetle 

Photos above: violet oil beetles above left; dormoussed hazel nut centre; bloody-nosed beetle right. 

Despite being a small group we were extremely successful in finding signs of mammals and especially feeding signs from dormice and spraint from otters. And we saw more besides as you can see from the list of species.

Moschatel   Green Wood-cup fungus stains  Dark-edged Bee-fly

Photos: Moschatel (Adoxa moschatellina) above left; Green Wood-cup stains, centre; Dark-edged Bee-fly right. 

Bank of celandines along the river, below right. 

Thank you to all concerned! 

Tony sent this image of a nuthatch nest hole which was a woodpecker nest hole last year. The nuthatch have used mud to make the entrance hole smaller. 


  Nuthatch nest hole (TA)

Species Seen:
Mammal signs: hazel dormouse, grey squirrel, wood mouse, bank vole, field vole, roe deer, red fox, otter, badger, rabbit, mole. Birds seen: house sparrow, grey wagtail, chiffchaff, buzzard, great tit, nuthatch, sparrow hawk, wren, robin, blackbird, jackdaw, blackcap. Amphibians: common frog, toad. Insects: buff-tailed bumble bee, dark-edged bee-fly, violet oil beetle, bloody-nosed beetle; butterflies included brimstone, small tortoiseshell, peacock, comma. Plants in flower: lime tree flowering, primrose, celandine, moschatel, dog's mercury, wood anemone, ivy-leaved speedwell, blackthorn, barren strawberry, common dog-violet, marsh marigold, hairy wood rush (easter grass). Green wood-cup fungus stains.