Moths in May

The warm spell towards the end of April brought everything on with a rush. Moths responded, with some species hanging on and other, later species emerging early.

Beautiful Golden-Y moth

Look out for the Beautiful Golden Y, its sumptuous pattern not to be confused with Silver Y or Plain Golden Y.

Bloodvein (below) is a lovely moth. It comes to light but also can be disturbed from vegetation by day. The caterpillar feeds on docks and sorrel, overwintering as a small caterpillar and then completes its life cycle during the spring. A second generation appears in the autumn.

Bloodvein moth                    Bordered-straw moth

Bordered Straw (above right)is an immigrant. It can be seen anywhere and at any time of night or day. Some years it only appears occasionally, but is more numerous in others.

As the month progresses, the variety of species increases.