Late spring walk around Pentire Head

Gill's report:

Looking out to sea (Gill N)

After a week of amazing weather, Sunday May 27th started very unpromisingly with showers. However, not to be deterred, six of us and one dog turned up for some coastal walking around Pentire Point armed with waterproofs, sunglasses and, of course, cake.

Pentire Point (Gill N)

I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that the wild flowers this spring have been sensational ~ everywhere, coast, hedgerow, woods, just stunning and we were not disappointed on this walk, especially as the sun came out too. The list of flowering species has given Jen a lot of work to sort out, apart from the butterflies, bugs, caterpillars, birds and (the cream on top) a grey seal basking just off Rumps Point. We lunched amongst the squill and thrift watching common blue and painted lady butterflies supping from the flowers.

After all that hard work observing, we returned to the cars ad indulged in much needed tea and cake because scientific effort certainly burns up energy! 


Some photos (a couple more to add) to give an impression of our day:

Carpet of Thrift   Dock Bug  Lackey Moth caterpillar   Small Heath butterfly (SueM) Thank you to Sue and Gill for this walk.

Pentire and the Rumps

Species list to increase once expert advice obtained!



Calendar Event associated:
Species Seen:
Mammals: grey seal. Birds: skylark, magpie, fulmar, swallow, oyster-catcher, black-backed gull, kestrel, swift, stonechat, wheatear. Butterflies: green-veined white, common blue, painted lady, small copper, small heath, orange-tip. Moths: silver Y, speckled yellow, lackey moth caterpillar. Other insects: dock bug, millipede, soldier beetle (Cantharis rustica?), red-tailed bumble bee. Plants in flower: foxglove, greater stitchwort, gorse, buckshorn plantain, sea campion, pignut, creeping buttercup, daisy, dandelion, cut-leaved geranium, thrift, black medick (check), spotted medick, ground ivy, germander speedwell, sea cabbage, spear thistle, milkwort, spring squill, kidney vetch, alexanders, mallow, field poppy, wild carrot, primrose, early or field forget-me-not (check this), mouse-ear hawkweed, bluebell, red campion, hawthorn, ox-eye daisy, hedge bedstrw, cleavers, birdsfoot trefoil, sorrel, sheep's sorrel, prickly sow-thistle, herb robert. And there will be more!